Current/Upcoming Shows

Barba Contemporary Art

Palm Springs, CA
Grand Opening November 11, 2017 

This is a brand new gallery opening with a broad spectrum of contemporary art – including my work!



New Museum of Los Gatos

[A video of my live pouring in concert with Cheryl E. Leonard‘s original music is included in this show!]



October 6, 2017 – March 18, 2018
106 E. Main St.   Los Gatos, CA


New Museum Los Gatos (NUMU) presents Waterlines, an art exhibition that delves into our deep connection with one of Earth’s most important elements.

Californians often think and talk about water. Both in its abundance and scarcity, this essential natural resource is part of our collective consciousness. Our concern for water manifests in our technological innovations, our public policy and our creativity. Even the name of our region, Bay Area, expresses our geographic connection to water and informs our community identity.

Through the art of sixteen artists, working in diverse media including drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, installations and sound, Waterlinespresents unique interpretations of meaning and relationship with water. Exhibiting artists include: Judith Belzer, Barbara Boissevain, Marie Cameron, Matthew Chase-Daniel, Christel Dillbohner, Linda Gass, Nancy Genn, Liz Hickok, Theodora Varnay Jones, Pantea Karimi, Cheryl E. Leonard, Danae Mattes, Marsha McDonald, Klea McKenna, Ryan M. Reynolds and Linda Simmel. 

Curator Marianne McGrath explains, “Water has been the subject of many exhibitions and with Waterlines, NUMU aims to contribute to the conversation about this vital resource. Along with being a basic need for all life, water is a source of pleasure, it is exalted in religion, and throughout history it has been a route for trade and travel. In every way we understand water, artists offer us new ways to explore its meaning and substance.”

Major support for Waterlines is provided by Badger Meter. Helping protect the world’s most precious resources, Badger Meter is a market leader in flow measurement technology with more than a century of helping our customers throughout the world manage their operations and minimize waste.